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'Criminal love' 

'Drowning in your dreams'


'Feelings for you'

BLue romance EP

out now!

Eli Drowning In Your Dreams art work Hi
Eli Angel art work Hi Rez.jpg
Eli Feelings For You art work Hi Rez. NO


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Surrey based Eli Gosling signed to Goldun Egg records in 2020 and has since gone on to release his four track EP ‘Blue Romance.'


“If there is one good thing to come out of 2020 it is Eli Gosling who has been smashing it with his flurry of memorable singles.”


Neon Music Now



Criminal Love


“Eli’s hip-hop infused, laidback vocals are dropped over dramatic electro beats.  The result is an irresistible brand of R&B-pop that draws us in from the offset. ‘Criminal Love’ was co-written with singer songwriter and producer Odunsi (The Engine).”  


Charm Factory


Drowning in your dreams


“For someone his young age, Eli Gosling is already proving that he’s wise beyond his age to us thanks to the nostalgic vibe we get when we listen to his music.” 


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Feelings for you


“Feelings For You is a melancholic piano-driven track where Eli’s emotional vocals bleed into every note. It’s a very absorbing piece that is blissfully sad as the young artist relays the feeling of being overwhelmed with feelings for someone.”


Neon Music Now


Gosling’s songwriting starts with verses dancing around in his head before he pulls the melody and lyrics into the track. A love of contemporary artists from Post Malone to Juice Wrld along with the 90’s hip hop scene continues to influence the artists creative vision. Gosling’s youth belies talented, confident and ambitious he brings us his own unique blend of tunes.


Gosling has been surrounded by music his whole life. He has a passion for skateboarding and art - an expressive series of artwork has been designed and created by the artist to accompany each release.


Eli has spent the late end of 2020 writing new music which is due to be released this year in 2021.

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Label contact:

Goldun Egg



Charm Factory

Sarah Thompson

Vicky Ward

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